December 2016 | PodAbility™ Podcast Workshops

12 Days of Podcasts

Our 12 Days of Podcasts countdown continues with Day 11. If you missed yesterday’s picks, be sure to check out Day 12: Tell Me a Story.

Today’s Theme: Teach me how to Podcast

Many of us started in the podcast industry by listening to podcast coaches like Cliff Ravenscraft. While I learned quite a bit from Cliff back in the day, many of these shows are helping me become a more well rounded podcast producer. I think you’ll enjoy today’s list of podcasts!

12 Days of Podcasts

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing until people are sick of it … and doing it some more. It’s December, so we’re bringing you the PodAbility version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Over the next 12 days we’re featuring a new group of podcasts with a different theme each day. These will be great shows to keep you company while traveling or when you’re out shopping.

Tip: having your earbuds in is a great way to keep annoying sales clerks away while shopping. (Our apologies to sales clerks. We know you’re just doing your job.)But first, we need your help