About PodAbility™ Podcast Workshops

PodAbility™ is an intensive, in-person weekend podcast training program.

Our fun, interactive and value-filled workshop is led by top experts in the areas most important to podcasters. These leaders and influencers will give you a strong foundation of know-how, skills and techniques you can use to launch and grow a successful show.

Anyone can pick up a microphone. Only those who know what they’re doing have an audience that anxiously awaits their next episode week after week.

Yes, you will learn the tech, but the focus will be all the little pieces that make up a quality podcast. A show that draws a targeted audience. A show that brings in revenue. A show you can be proud of.

Workshop Speaker

Workshop Activity

Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to succeed

The whole point is to give you everything you need to quickly launch a quality podcast without wasting time guessing.
At PodAbility™ you will walk away with the following tools:

Your Show

  • A solid show format to follow
  • Show title & brand
  • Recordings to use in your first episode
  • Equipment recommendations
  • A special gift from us


  • Equipment setup instructions
  • Media hosting setup instructions
  • Podcast directory listing instructions
  • Website setup instructions
  • Podcast Launch instructions


  • The art of engaging storytelling
  • Copywriting techniques
  • Vocal performance & delivery
  • Building a network & audience
  • Marketing your podcast
  • The legal stuff


  • Strategies for using your podcast to generate leads & drive sales
  • Learn how to find and attract sponsors
  • Other monetization strategies and trends

What our students say …

Here’s a small taste of what some of our PodAbility™ attendees had to say about one of our recent workshops.

Why PodAbility™ Podcast Workshops

Most Business Podcasts Struggle to Break Even

The painful truth is most podcasts just aren’t very good. There are some very basic reasons why these shows never make money for their businesses.

The Tech Stress

Technology is the part that stresses out most people when thinking about starting a podcast.

We have that covered with our optional half day Tech Sessions. These sessions include everything you need to know from equipment and software for recording your podcast, to how to edit the audio and launch your show. We’ll also provide step-by-step instructions that you can follow after the workshop. You’ll even walk away with an important piece of equipment as a gift from us.

Tech Sessions

Podcast Technology

What you REALLY need to worry about is …

Creating a Quality Podcast

Podcasters often spend years perfecting their show–making it something people crave week after week. This is what you need to worry about! This is what makes or breaks a podcast.

How many hours will you waste in front of a microphone and in the editing studio before you hit that sweet spot? How many listeners will you lose while you work to get it right?

How much of your budget will you spend promoting your show before you create something people really want to hear? How long can you or your business wait?

A quality podcast comes from the harmonious combination of:

And then there’s …

Building a Loyal Audience

A quality show is NOTHING without an audience. The old saying, “If you build it, they will come,”  is NOT true. Publishing to iTunes and appearing in New and Noteworthy does not guarantee an audience for your show. You will need:

Making Money with Your Podcast

Having a quality show doesn’t automatically mean you make money from it. You need to understand which platforms best fit your needs to help you monetize your efforts, how to identify sponsors that fit your content and how to deliver a vocal performance that represents their brand.

If your goal is to bring in leads and sales for your business, you need to understand how to build a sales funnel using your podcast–keeping in mind that your show should deliver quality content and not serve as a big sales pitch.

Here’s a taste of what we have planned

  View Atlanta Sessions   View Philadelphia Sessions

PodAbility™ vs Conferences


One of the annoyances of conferences is the crowded vendor areas where other businesses try to sell you their products and services. It can often be overwhelming with all the options available and the crowds they create. It’s difficult to tell the difference between quality products and those that just have pretty packaging and good salespeople.

PodAbility™ does not have a vendor area–and we don’t need it. We’ve put in the time doing all of the testing. You can rest assured that the products and services we recommend will provide the best combination of quality and value that we could find.

The Sessions

The biggest downside is the sessions themselves, which often consist of lecture halls with 100+ people in the room. Presenters talk AT you.

PodAbility™ is limited to only 25 participants. This turns sessions into interactive classrooms. Not only will you collaborate with fellow students, but you will be able to interact with the instructors as well.

And speaking of Instructors …

Meet Your Instructors

We didn’t just choose a bunch of “internet famous” podcasters to lead our sessions–we brought in experts in each field of study. Experts who have been successful in their business and in helping others reach and exceed their goals.

We’ve had a storytelling instructor who is the Head Speaker’s Coach for TEDxTeen. A social media instructor that ran social media for NBC’s Olympic Games–known as the “Social Olympics.” And a long time ABC News Radio veteran, who’s reported around the world everywhere from the Berlin Wall to a president elect’s plane.

View Present & Past Speakers

Robert Galinsky on Storytelling TEDx Style

Jason Van Orden on Podcasting

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