BJ Smith, Podcast Host & Creator

12 Days of Podcasts

Our 12 Days of Podcasts countdown continues with Day 11. If you missed yesterday’s picks, be sure to check out Day 12: Tell Me a Story.

Today’s Theme: Teach me how to Podcast

Many of us started in the podcast industry by listening to podcast coaches like Cliff Ravenscraft. While I learned quite a bit from Cliff back in the day, many of these shows are helping me become a more well rounded podcast producer. I think you’ll enjoy today’s list of podcasts!

12 Days of Podcasts

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing until people are sick of it … and doing it some more. It’s December, so we’re bringing you the PodAbility version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Over the next 12 days we’re featuring a new group of podcasts with a different theme each day. These will be great shows to keep you company while traveling or when you’re out shopping.

Tip: having your earbuds in is a great way to keep annoying sales clerks away while shopping. (Our apologies to sales clerks. We know you’re just doing your job.)But first, we need your help

I started my first podcast in the New Year, so it was perfect timing to ask for podcasting equipment for Christmas. One thing I learned over the years is that podcasters tend to jump on bandwagons (I’ve done it myself) — one person recommends a piece of equipment and all of a sudden it becomes the “industry standard.” Not here!

I’ve put together this list of gift ideas for new and experienced podcasters alike. The podcast equipment packages are the same ones we recommend at our PodAbility™ workshops. These curated lists come from years of research and trial and error.