PodAbility Atlanta

January 28, 2017

8:30am  -  9:00am

A continental breakfast will be available during the registration period.

9:00am  -  9:15am

9:15am  -  10:15am

Don’t just wing it. The best shows have carefully thought out the exact structure of each episode so it is engaging, entertaining, properly timed, has rhythm, reflects the “personality” of the podcast, and stays “on brand.” This is particularly important for business-related podcasts. In an engaging and interactive process, a multi-media veteran coaches you to have a great plan for your own podcast’s format.

10:15am  -  12:00pm

Led by experts in marketing strategy – from tagline to image to tone of your show – you’ll discover, via a fun and interactive process, how to establish a presence in the listener’s mind to grow an audience around the concept of your show.

You’ll also be guided through the process of discovering an effective concept for the imagery (such as logo and website images) your podcast needs to coordinate with its branding, while offering intel on what works and why.

12:00pm  -  1:00pm

Learn from a sought-after legal expert who reveals important information on protecting you as well as the business side of your content and brand.

1:00pm  -  2:00pm

The opening to your show, introducing a guest, advertising, sharing a news story – all these involve writing material, or “copy”. In a session that will help you discover your own show opening, and more, we’ll work with you to find the right approach and wording to tell the story right the first time.

Building context around your guest, communicating your show’s journey, or simply telling a tale in an episode – all these are critical to presenting shows that grab the listeners’ attention. We’ll work with you to discover the best parts of your own story and how to effectively share someone else’s.

3:15pm  -  5:15pm

Discover the necessary equipment, a step-by-step launch plan, and exactly how to get your podcast on iTunes, Google Play and more. It’s a turn-key plan with exactly what you need to get your show up and running and ready to be found by listeners—all from an industry insider.

January 29, 2017

8:30am  -  9:00am

9:15am  -  11:15am

An inside look at how to execute dynamic marketing and social media strategies to increase awareness of your show, engage your audience, and grow your followers.

11:15pm  -  12:15pm

Most businesses start a podcast to help market their products and services. Learn how to use your podcast to build trust, generate leads, and drive sales.

12:15pm  -  12:45pm

Catered lunch will be provided.

12:45pm  -  2:00pm

A top notch, experienced and working vocal talent shows how to get the best sound from a microphone, showcase your voice for optimal sound, and to reflect your show’s personality. Plus, tips-of-the-trade prepare you with skills for getting the best vocal read from different styles of material.

2:00pm  -  2:15pm

2:30pm  -  6:00pm

The finale of your PodAbility experience gives you a taste of the recording studio, voicing a demo of your show. A vocal coach will be on hand to support getting that “perfect take!”