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I started my first podcast in the New Year, so it was perfect timing to ask for podcasting equipment for Christmas. One thing I learned over the years is that podcasters tend to jump on bandwagons (I’ve done it myself) — one person recommends a piece of equipment and all of a sudden it becomes the “industry standard.” Not here!

I’ve put together this list of gift ideas for new and experienced podcasters alike. The podcast equipment packages are the same ones we recommend at our PodAbility™ workshops. These curated lists come from years of research and trial and error.

I listened to a recent episode of Current’s “The Pub” podcast where host Adam Ragusea went on a rant about Skype. Not about issues with lag, or dropped calls, or that you can forget about ever using Skype to speak with someone in the Washington, DC area (worst. internet. ever.)

No, Adam’s gripe has to do with Skype’s Broadcast Terms of Service.

Did you know that when you record a conversation over Skype to be used for audio broadcast, including podcasts, you have to give Skype credit for the recording with a verbal announcement?

That wet, sticky sound. 😖

You hear it every time they open their mouth to speak. The microphone picks it up so clearly that you lose track of what they are saying. It’s distracting. It’s gross. To me, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. These are professional podcast producers and radio hosts. Don’t they know it’s happening? Why don’t they do something about it?

Imagine my horror when I listened to one of my early podcast recordings and heard this sound coming from my own mouth! 😱