Day 12: Tell Me a Story

12 Days of Podcasts

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing until people are sick of it … and doing it some more. It’s December, so we’re bringing you the PodAbility version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Over the next 12 days we’re featuring a new group of podcasts with a different theme each day. These will be great shows to keep you company while traveling or when you’re out shopping.

Tip: having your earbuds in is a great way to keep annoying sales clerks away while shopping. (Our apologies to sales clerks. We know you’re just doing your job.)But first, we need your help

Our final recommendation will be a “people’s choice” selection based on feedback from you. We’re collecting recommendations from our readers in the comments of these articles, on social media, and from emails (be sure to signup so you don’t miss any of the 12 Days recommendations). Leave a comment below and share your favorite podcasts!

Today’s Theme: Tell me a story

These podcasts are some of our favorite shows that suck you in with great storytelling. These shows are mostly for entertainment and we’re sure you’ll be adding many of these to your favorites list.

Heavyweight by Gimlet
Meet the Composer
The Way I Heard it with Mike Rowe
The Allusionist from Radiotopia
The Moth
TED Radio Hour from NPR
This American Life
Undone by Gimlet
Do Listen Twice
Radio Diaries from Radiotopia
Reply All from Gimlet
StoryCorps from NPR

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