Mathew Passy

Mathew Passy
Owner / Host / Producer
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Mathew is an independent Podcast Producer/Consultant with a background in broadcasting including nearly a decade at The Wall Street Journal Radio Network.

The word podcasting barely existed when Mathew started his career in broadcasting, but it would soon become the central focus of every job he would hold. As a newsroom producer for NJ 101.5 FM, he proposed their first podcast shortly after the iPod was introduced. That podcast is still published on a daily basis. Then he went to work for The Wall Street Journal Radio Network, producing, editing, hosting and creating podcasts for close to a decade.

His credits include Radiate with Betty Liu, The Credit Minute from, The Hilarie Barsky Show and most recently Drive Ball Media, a network of sports podcasts focused on training students interested in competing in collegiate and professional sports. You can learn more about him at

Generating Leads, Driving Sales & Attracting Sponsors
January 29, 2017
11:15pm  -  12:15pm
From Equipment to Launch [Tech Workshop*]
February 11, 2017
3:15pm  -  5:15pm
Making the Cut(s) – Editing [Tech Workshop*]
February 11, 2017
5:30pm  -  6:30pm